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إدريس م

إدريس م

A New Yorker in exile. Occasionally, I take photographs.

Dusty Maghrebi Art in Moulay Idriss. From the outtakes.
I snapped this while my travel buddy/roommate/BFF Myles and I attempted to escape the city as the sun went down. Hailing a cab in the Holy City during Ramadan took patience. We looked around, watched the rajouls try to rush every taxi that arrived, and eventually chatted up a shopkeep for a bit. His store had this alcove outside. 


Kiss My Pac-Man

dominique petrin

How 5 countries in the mid east could become 14 (from Sept. 2013 NYT article) [729x637]

I remember reading about this years ago, how US think-tanks were looking to redraw borders and install “friendly” regimes in resource-rich areas while leaving the rest to fight amongst themselves, weakening each other and allowing for more puppets to be placed in control. If you have the stomach for it, read the book “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geo-strategic Imperatives” by Zbigniew Brzezinski. It spells out what he and other neoconservatives had been working toward in the region so as to ensure US hegemony where oil and water reserves are concerned. This “vision” caused US Army Lieutenant colonel Ralph Peters drew up another map to illustrate US objectives back in 2006-

-even if you don’t know much about geography or about the politics of the regions involved, it shouldn’t take much to know that the only way this kind of plan would come to fruition would be at the cost of millions of lives. 
One intended side effect of this scheme would be to ensure that the people in charge of the Hijaz end up with none of the oil revenue, effectively making Makkah and Madinah solely dependent on money coming in from hajj and omrah. The proposed “Shi’i Arab State” would be so indebted to the West for having a state carved out for it that they would constantly be pressured to produce US-friendly leaders. Pakistan would lose whatever remained of American support and have its military completely occupied with protecting its borders. Turkey would also be forced into a position of having to constantly police its Eastern frontier as well.
These proposed maps aren’t drawn with the unification of local populations in mind- a look at the borders quickly shows that. It makes for a level of uneasiness which keeps all of them ready to draw swords with one another- in a way which can be exploited by Western weapon manufacturers and dealers.
This is how Washington, and the think-tanks which influence its decisions, ultimately work. Make a plan, set the wheels in motion, sit back and watch it unfold.


My friend just showed me an article in which creepy tourist is bragging how he managed to “bang his first Bosnian Muslim” and I just wanna throw up. If you want to read, it is here (it describes everything so open only if you can read all that crap)

Pickup artists are the lowest of the low.

My old Bodega and grocery

lolitapop09 hat auf dein Foto geantwortet “181 and Broadway. My feet are so familiar with this corner, never…”

Welcome back!

It’s good to finally return as a non-tourist. Still taken aback a little at how fast things have changed though!